Classic Piedmontese dishes with a pinch of innovation.

The proposal we offer, in the wake of our tradition and the tradition of the Langa trattorias, includes the offer of a tasting menu. The menu unfolds in an alternation of balanced flavors and tastes strongly linked to the territory and the seasonality of the products.

Each period of the year has its own treasures. The inestimable wealth of mushrooms, truffles and fine cheeses enhances the authentic flavors of a cuisine rooted in the salt road, between sea and mountains. Traditional cuisine is enriched with gastronomic cultural contaminations and reworking of ancient dishes.

With the spirit of meeting the needs of our guests, we also offer the possibility to choose between the individual proposals on the menu.

The most frequent proposals are: “Gonfiotti di tuma”, Capun├Ęt with “Bagna ‘d l’Ofern”, Vitello tonnato in the old fashioned way, “Saccoccia alla Piemontese”, Ravioli “del plin”, Minestrone, Tajarin, Guinea fowl with rosemary , Veal morsels, selection of cheeses and traditional desserts. Do not forget the Bagna Cauda, the main dish of the Paroldese tradition.


In the 90s, motivated by the strong belief that the gastronomic offer could not be separated from a wide and qualified cellar offer, the construction of our wine list began. At the beginning there were about twenty labels of mainly local producers to which new references were added gradually to reach over 300 today .

The wine list is mainly oriented towards local productions from renowned and established wineries and emerging producers.

Our proposal not only enhances the extraordinary Piedmontese winemaking tradition, but is attentive to a world, like that of wine, in constant evolution. Therefore, alongside historically confirmed products, new proposals alternate that can further satisfy the curiosity, interest and palate of our Guests.

Clelia can you tell us your story?

I was born and raised in Paroldo, the village of the “masche” in Alta Langa, in the family Trattoria, among the scents of the kitchen and the shouting of customers. In this environment made up of work, family and country, the teachings of my mother and aunt were my cooking school.

I belong to the third generation and in continuity with the past, I use selected raw materials and worked on the same day. I have always tried to be attentive to the evolution of catering and hospitality, without forgetting the cultural and gastronomic values of tradition.

My dream was to become a teacher, but after completing my studies, when my father passed away, I did not delay, in my twenties, to continue the activity of the Trattoria. The first times were tough, but the difficulties served as a stimulus for change and for the desired leap in quality; with the help of my husband and family, the sacrifices gradually gave their fruit. Now I am satisfied with the work done in my “nest”, as I like to call it, and I am happy every time it is appreciated by my guests. Nonetheless it is the gratification in seeing in my son the same roots and the same spirit that have governed the 100 years of the Trattoria.

These values, combined with the pleasure of hospitality, will always be our distinctive and identity traits.


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